Volunteering at Birch Creek

Photos left to right:  Lynn Kaczmarek, Lyn Huber and Bonnie Wirth; John and Katherine Campbell volunteer to usher at Birch Creek concert; Birch Creek Associates Pat Long, Bonnie Wirth, Lynn Kaczmarek, Lyn Huber and Joan Guasta set up the concession stand at the beginning of a new season; Associate/Volunteer Jim Wirth and Birch Creek staff install awnings; concession stand volunteers and master popcorn poppers Ben Bailey, Terry Schneider, Margo Ireland and Jeanne Barnard.

Birch Creek Volunteers

Birch Creek is lucky to have a loyal volunteer organization. For over 30 years, this special group has supported Birch Creek’s educational mission by helping with campus beautification, ushering at concerts, staffing the concession stand, preparing the campus for students, faculty and patrons, assisting with registration, gardening and office work, and serving as a fundraising arm for Birch Creek. We invite you to become a part of these great friends and valued supporters of Birch Creek.

Discover Your Part to Play! Become a Volunteer Associate of Birch Creek


Download a printable version of the Volunteer form and mail it to Birch Creek.

Contact us at Associates@BirchCreek.org or call (920) 868-3763 with any questions regarding volunteering at Birch Creek Music Performance Center.